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Temtem – Where to Find Barnshe

Have you tried looking at the top of the world?

by Brandon Adams


Crema’s Temtem, like its peers, has a wide variety of cute critters for tamers to collect, though some are rarer than others, like the Barnshe. Anyone trying to complete the Denizen Icarus quest is likely familiar with the pain endured looking for this bipedal owl, and I’m here to help ease that.

Barnshe can be found at the top of the Windward Fort, north of the Gated Bridges.

As you head north on your journey to meet Sophia, you’ll pass through the town of Arrisola. Just north of it is the Gated Bridges and the Windward Fort. You’ll be heading this way to progress the main quest, so be sure your Temtem are near or in their twenties before doing so. There is a mini-Temporium at the end of the Gated Bridges, so you can restock and heal there before heading into the Windward Fort (and I recommend you have at least ten TemCards on you).

Once in the fort you need to work your way towards the top. Progress normally, but don’t be afraid to backtrack to the Temporium as required. Eventually, you’ll find yourself before some stairs with daylight pouring out: these lead to the top of the fort. If you plan on taking on the opponents found up there before farming Barnshe make sure your team is in tip-top shape, around level twenty, and that you have balms and revives on hand. I won’t say why in this article for the sake of spoilers, but you can thank me later.

Once up top, just run around and trigger random battles. The Barnshe has a low chance of spawning, so you may have to run from fights if you wish to conserve yourself. The chances of a Barnshe appearing are not abysmal, but you will encounter plenty of Ganki up here. Once the Barnshe appears be careful not to take it down: it is immune to status effects, so sleep won’t help you. The best tactic is to use soft-hitting neutral attacks like Paharac’s Peck to whittle it down.

Fair warning: it loves to resist capture, so don’t be discouraged if your Barnshe breaks free from your TemCards, even at low health. Just keep plugging away with cards until it relents. Eventually you’ll capture the Barnshe, and will be able to head back south to complete Denizen Icarus. That, and you’ll have a fabulous, ornery owl on your roster.

- This article was updated on:February 4th, 2020

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