Texas Chainsaw Massacre Killer Tier List: Best Family Members, Ranked

Ranking all family members in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

by Christian Bognar
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Playing as The Family in Texas Chain Saw Massacre is the game’s best part. Using abilities to hunt down victims as they struggle to escape is very satisfying, to say the least. With that said, some killers are better than others. This guide will rank all the killers in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Who Is The Best Killer in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre?

Five killers are in the game, with some new faces who weren’t in the movie. Here is the ranking of all killers in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game.

SSissy, Hitchhiker
AJohnny, Cook

5. Leatherface

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You would think the face of the franchise, Leatherface, would be the best killer of The Family, but unfortunately, he isn’t. Leatherface is fairly clunky and slow to play with, with no capability to fit through small gaps. His slow playstyle allows victims to escape quickly, even if he has an intimidating presence. Leatherface has the Maim ability, which players can use to destroy obstacles in their path, but the fact that it works so slowly is not much help. If you do manage to draw blood from victims, Leatherface supplies a lot of power to Grandpa, which is hands down his biggest bonus.

4. The Cook

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The Cook is a great killer with some advantages but isn’t the best choice because he is the slowest of The Family. Still, he has the Seek ability, which allows him to lean in and listen for any noise in the proximity made by the victims. This can be very useful and lets the player know where to go next and possibly close in on a victim. When he does make it to a victim, he does a lot of damage, making kills a breeze. The Cook is great to have as a teammate if players communicate, where the user could inform partners where noise is coming from.

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3. Johnny

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Johnny is a great choice when playing The Family, which shows through his Hunt ability. Hunt allows Johnny to access his inner hunter and track the fresh footsteps of the victims. This alone gives him an advantage in finding the victims before anyone else, and once he sees the footsteps, he has the speed to match and catch up to the victims. The only downfall of Johnny compared to the other smaller-sized killers is that he can’t follow victims through small gaps, which can potentially give them a chance to escape.

2. Hitchhiker

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie fans will be familiar with the Hitchhiker character. This killer is great in the game, where he can set up traps through his TRAP ability that can capture victims for a short period of time. When a victim steps into a trap, you will get an alert, allowing you to rush to the trap and try to get the kill. Considering most victims will be aiming for the fuse boxes, the Hitchhiker has an advantage where he can set traps in front of these fuse boxes, making it difficult for the victims to succeed. Like Sissy, the Hitchhiker is skinny enough to follow victims through small gaps, making him very mobile and speedy.

1. Sissy

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Sissy has grown to be the fan’s favorite killer to play with, and for good reason. Sissy has a unique ability called “Bane,” where she can craft poisons from plants and blow that poison in the victim’s faces, immobilizing them for a short period while also draining health. Bane is useful even further when contaminating items around the map, setting up a deadly surprise for the victims. It also helps that Sissy has the speed and capability to follow victims through small gaps. If you’re a victim, encountering Sissy is always an annoyance since she is the best killer in the entire game.

- This article was updated on August 24th, 2023

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