Texas Chainsaw Massacre Victim Tier List: Best Survivors, Ranked

Someone has to die, but it doesn't have to be you.

by Drew Kopp
Image: Gun Interactive

Playing as a Victim in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is an experience that gives even the best survival horror games a run for their money. Fortunately, each of the Slaughter Family’s latest “guests” is armed with unique abilities that make escaping the world’s worst invite-only dinner party as enjoyable as it is terrifying. That being said, some Victims are better at staying alive than others. Here is our ranking of the best and worst Victims in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Who Is The Best Victim in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

There are five Victims in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, each reflecting a recurring slasher horror character archetype. Here is how we’ve ranked all of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s playable Victims.

SConnie, Ana
ALeland, Sonny

5. Julie

Image: Gun Interactive

At first glance, Julie might seem like the best Victim in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Julie’s Stealth stat is the highest out of all the Victims, and her “Ultimate Escape” ability allows her to use less stamina when she runs and makes it impossible for Johnny or the Cook to track her while it’s active. Unfortunately, Julie’s abilities and perks center around keeping herself hidden and don’t give her many ways to support other Victims. In a game where teamwork is almost always essential to survival, Julie is great for lone wolf players, but don’t expect to be doing much besides hiding until your teammates open an escape route.

4. Leland

Image: Gun Interactive

Leland is one of the most challenging Victims to play as, but he can also be one of the best once you learn how to use him. Leland’s “Life Saver” ability allows him to stun every Family member except Leatherface for a few seconds, giving his allies time to escape pursuit or make progress on opening up an escape route. Players who step into Leland’s massive shoes will have to overcome a steep learning curve and commit to a build that benefits a more support-based playstyle, but seeing a Family member breaking the script to run from you is a treat that’s hard to beat.

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3. Sonny

Image: Gun Interactive

Sonny is an excellent choice for beginners and experienced veterans alike thanks to his “Heightened Sense ability, which allows him to pinpoint player’s locations by listening for the sounds they make when they move. This gives Sonny a level of situational awareness that none of the other Victims have, and players can use this to help themselves and their teammates. Sonny players will want to keep their microphones on, as they can use Heightened Senses to warn their teammates of incoming danger or let everyone know when the Family has left an escape route unguarded.

2. Ana

Image: Gun Interactive

Ana is the closest thing the Texas Chainsaw Massacre has to a main character, so it’s no surprise that she’s one of its best Victims. Ana’s high Endurance stat allows her to shrug off blows that would down most other Victims, and her “Pain is Nothing” ability further increases her durability by reducing the damage she receives when Family members hit her. Ana’s survivability allows her to protect her allies almost as well as Leland by shielding other Victims and luring Family members on long chases that give her teammates time to unbar an escape route.

1. Connie

Image: Gun Interactive

Make no mistake; Connie is the best Victim in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre by a county-mile. Connie’s “Focused” ability allows her to almost instantly unlock any locks she comes across for a short time. Combine this with her excellent Proficiency stat, and Connie can open most escape routes in seconds. While Connie is the frailest Victim in the game, chances are your teammates will do everything they can to keep the heat off you while you unbar the path to freedom. So arm yourself with a lockpick or two and be ready to cut down whatever stands between you and the nearest way out of this nightmare.

- This article was updated on August 25th, 2023

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