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The Artful Escape: How to Triple Jump

Gotta, gotta get up!

by Andron Smith


While platforming is not too difficult early on, learning how to triple jump in The Artful Escape will save you a lot of grief as the story progresses. While the game works hard to show you how to perform a double jump, lay down some sick licks, and even how to play an intergalactic game of Simon, it somehow completely ignores this rather important mechanic. As mentioned, especially during the later chapters, there are platforming sections that can not be cleared without the use of this maneuver. Here’s everything we know on How to Triple Jump in The Artful Escape.

How to Triple Jump in The Artful Escape

To Triple Jump in The Artful Escape, jump twice then at the height of your second jump, press and hold the guitar strum button. On an Xbox controller, this would default to pressing the A button twice followed by pressing and holding the X button. Adding the mid-air strum gives you a super high jump with a slower fall at the end which is essential for finishing the game as well as netting a certain Steam Achievement.

How’d You Get Up There?

Without spoiling too much of the excellent story, to get the Steam Achievement “How’d you Get Up There?”, wait until you reach the planet with lots of bouncy mushrooms. Trust us, you’ll know when you’re there. As you progress through the level, there will be a large archway looming along the path. Turn back immediately and triple jump on the bouncy mushroom to the left of it and aim to land on top of the arch. Once you do, you’ll hear that oh-so-sweet chime and net one of the harder Steam Achievements the game has to offer. Don’t worry about trying to save scrub if you missed the opportunity though as you can always use chapter select to grab it later on.

The Artful Escape is available now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Game Pass, and PC.

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