The Best Defensive Heroes in Overwatch 2, Ranked

The best defense is a great offense.

by Noah Nelson


In Overwatch 2, there are game modes that require you to defend. While this doesn’t always mean you need to play defensively, if you do so, you will be able to dominate one area and hold the line. There are some Heroes in Overwatch 2 that work better defensively. Because of that, here is your guide to the best defensive Heroes in Overwatch 2.

Best Defensive Tank Heroes in Overwatch 2


Tanks are naturally supposed to defend their team, but there are a handful of Tanks that are better defenders than others. Reinhardt is one of the best defensive Tanks. If you want to lock down an area, deploy Reinhardt’s shield to keep enemies from getting any closer. Reinhardt is perfect for defending the last Payload destination.

Zarya is another highly effective defensive Tank. Once you unlock her, Zarya can create Particle Barriers around herself and around her teammates. Because of this shield, Zarya can confidently attack the enemy and hold them off.

Best Defensive Damage Heroes in Overwatch 2


Even though Damage Heroes are seen as the run-and-gun chasers, there are a handful of Damage Heroes that are great at defense. Mei is one of the best defensive Damage Heroes. With her Ice Walls, you can block doors, hallways, and gates. Her Blizzard ultimate also shuts down an entire area by turning whoever is in it to ice.

Symmetra is another great defensive Damage Hero. Her Sentry Turrets, if placed right, can cause a lot of damage to enemy players. If the turrets can stay hidden, then enemies will be easier to pick off with the turret’s help. Her Photon Barrier ultimate is also great defense because it creates a massive see-through wall that blocks projectiles.

Best Defensive Support Heroes in Overwatch 2


When it comes to Support Heroes, there are a few great defensive options. For starters, Baptiste is a great defensive Support Hero. Because of his Immortality Field and Amplification Matrix ultimate, Baptiste can assist his team in holding down an objective.

Brigitte is also a great defensive Support Hero. She plays similarly to Reinhardt, but instead of shielding everyone and dealing massive amounts of damage, Brigette focuses more on shielding herself and healing everyone around her. Brigitte has a lot of supportive abilities that make her a great defensive pick.

And those are the best defensive Heroes in Overwatch 2. If you’re interested in specific Hero guides or just want to learn how to become a pro at Overwatch 2, visit our Overwatch 2 page for more.

Overwatch 2 is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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