The Best Herta Build In Honkai: Star Rail | Best Light Cones, Relics, and Team Composition

Reach Herta's maximum potential with this Honkai: Star Rail build guide.

by Thomas Cunliffe
Herta Honkai Star Rail
Image: miHoYo

Herta is one of the first characters given to players in Honkai: Star Rail. Much too busy to physically join your Trailblazing journey, this robot-doll substitute fights alongside your team with Ice AoE damage. This guide will provide you with the best possible build for Herta. This includes recommendations for Light Cones, Relics, Traces, and characters she synergizes well with.

Best Herta DPS Build in Honkai: Star Rail

Herta is a pure damage character, focused heavily on multi-target (AoE) Ice damage through her Skill and Ultimate. Compared to other characters in Honkai: Star Rail, Herta’s mechanics are as simple as it gets, making her an easy character to build.

While Herta is currently considered one of the worst characters in the game by the community, her simple kit and synergy with other free characters make her great for auto-farming content in the game’s earlier stages.

Best Herta Relics

  • Hunter of Glacial Forest Relic Set (Regular)
  • Space Sealing Station Relic Set (Planar)

Herta benefits the most from wearing four pieces of the Hunter of Glacial Forest Relic Set. This increases her Ice Damage by 10% and Crit Damage by 25% for two turns following the use of her Ultimate.

If you’ve yet to get your hands on a complete set, you can use set pieces from Musketeer of Wild Wheat in the meantime.

You’ll want to equip the complete Space Sealing Station in Herta’s Planar Ornaments slots. This increases her Attack by 12%, with an extra 12% when Herta’s speed reaches 120 or higher.

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Best Stats and Substats for Herta

Attack, Crit Rate, and Crit Damage are Herta’s most essential stats as a damage character. Aim for 2% Crit Damage for every 1% of Crit Rate you equip.

You can check out the best stats for each Relic and Planar Ornament piece below:

  • Body: Crit
  • Feet: Speed
  • Planar Sphere: Ice
  • Link Rope: Attack%

Best Herta Traces

When spending resources on Traces, aim to learn Efficiency first, then Freeze, then Puppet. Once you have all three Major Traces unlocked, focus on the following paths in this order:

  • Ultimate
  • Skill
  • Talent
  • Basic

Best Herta Light Cones

Image: Attack of the Fanboy / miHoYo
  • Night on the Milky Way
  • Before Dawn
  • The Birth of the Self (4 Star)
  • Data Bank (3 Star)

Night on the Milky Way increases Herta’s Attack by 9 – 15% for every enemy on the field. Damage is also increased by 30-50% when an enemy is inflicted with Weakness Break.

As a multi-target fighter, this is the perfect Light Cone for Herta, allowing her to deal high AoE damage at the beginning of each fight, which is especially useful when auto-farming Calyxes and similar content.

Best Characters to Pair with Herta

A strong lineup for utilizing Herta’s abilities in auto-content includes Natasha, Trailblazer, and Dan Heng. In the early game, this team can easily farm Calyx and lower Simulated Universe levels on 2x speed to collect materials for building up stronger characters.

Be sure to check out our Honkai: Star Rail tier list for more details about the best characters and what to look out for when spending those precious tickets.

This guide was written from our experience playing version 1.0.5 of Honkai Star Rail on PC and mobile.

- This article was updated on May 6th, 2023

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