The Best Jobs in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Kill Chaos with ease when you find the best jobs in Stranger of Paradise

by Shaun Cichacki


Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is a very unique game, featuring one of the most robust job systems available in any game on the market, allowing you to transform your playstyle to exactly what you’re looking to do.

However, some jobs excel at points in the game over others, and we are here today to give you the lowdown on how to deliver the beatdown to your foes in Stranger of Paradise, and pick the best job for you at any point of the game!

Stranger of Paradise – Best Early, Mid, and End Game Jobs


There are 28 different jobs in Stranger of Paradise, but some take the cake on their ranking in part of the game. When you’re starting and getting used to the unique combat system, you’ll find that certain jobs make things much easier to handle, and this is what the best jobs are for Early, Mid, and End Game.

For Early Game, you’ll want to sink your time into the Pugilist Job, as you’ll get the ability to interrupt attacks, so you’ll be able to break their chain of attacks. You’ll be able to take down enemies easily with its powerful blows and explosive powers. You could also dump your time into Mage, Swordsman, or Marauder, as well. Mage is an especially good choice, as you’ll be able to deliver powerful blows from a distance and exploit your enemy’s weaknesses. So keeping Puglisit and Mage on your character will grant great results.

Mid-Game is where it starts to get interesting, and allows you to mix and match more of your strengths since you have gotten more comfortable with how the game plays. The Samurai offers huge damage, good range, and a killer weapon for you to slice and dice your way through foes, and pairing it alongside the White Mage for the healing capabilities, you’ll be ready to tackle the hardest foes at this point of the game and take on the biggest bosses.

And finally, we get to End Game, where you’ll unlock your most powerful classes. This is when you’ll want to break out the Liberator, because you’ll be able to use all weapons available with this class, so you don’t need to sacrifice anything to kill Chaos.  You’ll also want to master the Tyrant class, as you’ll be able to place any sort of elemental damage to your weapons using its Enchant Job Ability. You won’t have to think about much at this point, as you’ll be beyond powerful.

Bring the pain to Chaos when you master these classes and feel free to experiment. Have fun with any of the classes that are at your disposal, as you’ll need to work and level them up to unlock others!

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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