The Best Perks for Steven Universe in MultiVersus

The support that people are sleeping on.

by Elliott Gatica


Steven Universe, the name and protagonist of his own TV show on Cartoon Network, is in a bit of a weird spot right now in MultiVersus. He isn’t getting a lot of attention for the fact that he hasn’t been free yet in the rotations, he costs a lot, and he’s a bit niche to play, even as a Support character. While he may not be the best in a 1v1 scenario, he’s a dark horse in team play, so here are the best perks for Steven Universe in MultiVersus.

Best Perks for Steven Universe in MultiVersus

This setup will mostly focus on his specials because it adds utility to his overall kit and gives him some good damage potential. Here is the general build for Steven Universe.

  • Signature Perk: Bounce Bubble
  • Regular Perks: I Dodge You Dodge We Dodge, Coffeezilla, Collateral Damage

Both of his signature perks are decent, but Bounce Bubble has more utility in the long run, especially in team play. His shields act as solid platforms and walls, which can be used heavily to your advantage in trapping opponents. You can go through them just fine, but your opponents can’t. They have to work around them.

Because of this setup, that’s where the Collateral Damage perk comes heavily into play. Smacking your opponent around, especially near the deployed shields, will allow you to rack up damage quickly. Pair that with your Watermelon Steven and now your opponent has one more source of damage to worry about.

Now with the other two perks, you’ll be able to use your specials even more because of shorter cooldowns. The cooldowns go a long way because much of Steven’s moves rely on the gimmicks of his specials. He can inflict Bubbled, break armor, heal allies, and create an AI-controlled NPC to control the battlefield. On paper, he sounds like a top-tier, but it takes a lot of cooldown management and spacing to really get him going.

He’s not really recommended in 1v1s, but if you must, replace his signature Bounce Bubble perk for the Green Thumb one. It’ll simply give you more DPS for his Watermelon Steven.

Finally, you will have to bring him up to level 10 if you want to make use of all his perks, including the signature ones.

MultiVersus is out now for open beta on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series consoles, and PC.

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