The Chant: How to Defeat The Strider

Take down the giant beast

by Christian Bognar

One of the first main bosses you will encounter in The Chant is the Strider. This beast is pretty tricky as he has powerful attacks and summons little Striders you have to deal with on the side of fighting him. There is a strategy, though, to make this fight a little easier through resource management and Jess’s particular ability. If you are having trouble with this boss, read on for tips on defeating this Strider so you can progress to the next part of the chapter.

Tips to Defeat The Strider

The Strider can be intimidating initially, but once you understand its move set, the fight becomes pretty basic. The beast will glow yellow when it is about to use a strong attack, and when you see that color make sure you dodge right away. Don’t do a double dodge since Jess falling to the floor gives the boss more time to catch up to you. It is crucial to keep an eye on your body level on the side and heal when it feels appropriate.


Look for resources

The fight takes place in a small area, so it doesn’t require too much navigation but is essential. On the outer part of the area, up against the rocks, you will find the resources you need to craft a sage stick. This is important, considering this fight doesn’t let you escape like previous fights, so you must ensure you have enough resources to craft a weapon, especially at the end of the fight.

Kill the smaller Striders first

During the fight, the large Strider will summon smaller striders to do his dirty work. You want to take these little ones out first, or they will knick away your health while focusing on the boss. These enemies are relatively straightforward, but if you have trouble, feel free to use stasis or the recently learned spike skill to slow them down. This brings me to my next point.

Use your Crystalize skill

This skill is essential in this boss fight as it provides a reasonable amount of damage and stuns the Strider. The good thing about this fight is that you recently received a Witch Stick in the previous room, which will restore your spirit as you attack the boss. So continue to use the witch stick until your spirit gauge is filled enough to use the Crystalize skill, and then continue this process until eventually the Witch Stick breaks. Since you picked up resources at the beginning of the fight, you can craft yourself a sage stick as a weapon to finish the rest of the battle.

Good job! You have taken down the first significant boss and can continue further in Chapter 3. Heads up as you will come in contact with a spirit in the following area, so learn how to avoid them easily with our guide. All of Jess’s skills learned so far seem to have an essential purpose and to maximize their use, and you must allocate your ability points to the correct sections in the skill tree. Check out the most critical slots on the skill tree and where players should spend ability points.

The Chant is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, and PC.

- This article was updated on November 3rd, 2022

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