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The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan – How To Get The Worst Ending

Be careful what you wish for.

by Dean James


There are plenty of different choices to make throughout The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan, some that just affect character traits and others that can mean life or death depending on how you handle them. There are the individual choices that can get each character killed, but the worst of the worst ending involves a series of decisions that will lead to your entire party being killed even if they all survived to that point.

Unlike the best ending guide, this one will have a few different options, as we’ll include the absolute worst and a couple other bad ones you can experience too. As we mentioned in that guide, the best ending involves not giving your coordinates to the military on the radio. We want quite the opposite here, as you want to make sure that you give the coordinates to the military for the worst ending. By giving the military the coordinates, you may expect to be in good shape as they will come to rescue you.

There are technically two versions of this outcome, depending on if you come across a collectible that reveals the real name of the boat or not. If you provide the coordinates to the military and tell them the name of the ship is the SS Ourang Medan, you will get the absolutely worst ending as long as you don’t escape before they arrive. This means you need to make sure to fail the QTE sequences involving the distributor cap and allow it to get destroyed.

After all is said and done, a military helicopter will arrive and you thing they’re going to save you. That is very wrong, as they will instead decide to execute all of you because you know about Manchurian Gold and want to cover it up. If you had given the coordinates, but did not provide the name of the ship, you will instead be imprisoned for life instead by the military.

The military execution of all of them is definitely the most brutal and worst ending in the game, but being imprisoned is also really bad as well. The other bad ending you can come up with is simply not giving the military any details on the radio and then letting the distributor cap be destroyed. This will lead to the remaining characters being essentially stranded on the ghost ship until they all die.

If you want to find out how to kill off the individual characters instead of as a group, check out the individual guides for Julia, Alex, Brad, Conrad, and Fliss. Instead of using these tactics to save the characters, do the opposite and you can get each of them killed off.

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