The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me – Everything We Learned from the Halloween Serial Killer Trailer

Never, ever, ever accept an invitation to a place called the Murder Castle!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

The Devil in Me is the last entry in season one of The Dark Pictures Anthology. A team of documentary filmmakers, fully voice cast and motion captured, is invited to a recreation of H.H. Holmes’ Murder Castle. H.H. Holmes was America’s first serial killer, and his Murder Castle was the insane playing ground where he committed his grisly murders. The new trailer shows us how wrong things will go for our protagonist film crew. The unknown force behind the replica aims to be just like H.H. Holmes, but can you stop him before it is too late?

The Devil in Me Halloween Serial Killer Trailer

What have we learned from the Official Halloween Serial Killer trailer? The person recreating Murder Castle is rich and obsessed with H.H. Holmes, which looks like a killer combination. Our protagonists might be naive and too curious for their own good. There will be many gruesome ways for our protagonists to die. And lots and lots of tough decisions.

The Devil in Me will also include new game mechanics not seen in the other Dark Pictures Anthology entries. I have broken them all down for you below.

Important Game Mechanics


A strict auto-save feature will prevent you from reloading a save to make a different decision. You must replay the game multiple times to see all scenarios and paths. Perma death is in effect, meaning there are several endings and outcomes for all characters.

A decision system called bearings will keep track of your choices throughout the game. They will use these to determine later consequences. You would recognize this system if you played the other Dark Pictures games. There are a total of eight bearings in each game.

The Devil in Me will bring back the quick-time events and Keep Calm segments which will be put to good use based on some of the spooky scenes in the trailer.

The game takes about 7 hours to complete and is longer than the other Dark Pictures entries since this is the finale of season one.

New Features of the Game:

  • Advanced Movement: You can now climb, crawl, jump, squeeze, run, etc…
  • Puzzle Solving: You will be required to solve new puzzles during your exploration.
  • Inventory System: A new inventory system has been added. You can possess and use items to increase your chances of survival.
  • New Collectibles: New collectibles in the form of coins will be scattered throughout the game. You can unlock additional items that can be viewed.

Four Playable Game Modes:

  • Theatrical Cut: This allows you to play the story using the normal character order and point of view.
  • Curator’s Cut: This allows you to replay the game using a different protagonist. You will gain access to new scenes and decisions This can be obtained as a pre-order bonus or an additional purchase up to four months after the game is released.
  • Shared Story: Allows you to play online with one additional person. This feature is more interactive as you will play at the same time.
  • Movie Night: Allows you to play offline with up to five additional players. This feature requires that you pass the controller around.

Oh, and don’t forget: Playing detective is how you survive…

The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on November 18, 2022.

- This article was updated on November 1st, 2022

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