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The Division 2 – How to Get Textiles

Earn desired cosmetics with ease thanks to this new currency.

by Brandon Adams


Apparel events have been running for a while now in The Division 2, and they have added a slew of new cosmetics that allowed agents to dress to impress. For the longest time, however, if you wanted to finish a set off you either had to pray to the Randomization Gods when opening crates, or purchase the missing items outright with real cash. With textiles this has changed, so let me tell you how to get textiles.

Textiles are earned from duplicate cosmetics and used to buy desired ones for free.

Textiles were added to The Division 2 to allow agents a chance to eventually grab the cosmetics they wanted without forking over money to do so. Earning textiles is simple enough: open an apparel crate and if it contains an item you already have you’ll be rewarded with textiles instead.

The rarity of the item will determine how many textiles you receive, and rarer items cost more to purchase in the store. You can see how many you have from the apparel screen and within the store, which is where textiles are used to purchase wanted cosmetics in The Division 2.

Apparel crates are still earned from leveling your agent, and by completing certain Projects in The Division 2. The more you collect the greater your chance for earning duplicate items and therefore textiles. Bank them for that one cosmetic you need to finish a cosmetic set, or for a fancy new pair of sunglasses: the choice is yours.

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- This article was updated on:March 4th, 2020

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