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The Outer Worlds – How to Use Hologram “Holographic Shroud”

You can get the hologram from The Unreliable, but it needs ID Cards to work.

by William Schwartz


The Outer Worlds has a unique mechanic for areas of the game that you shouldn’t be in. You have a couple of options when you find these places. You can either try to make your way through them without being seen or you can use your holographic shroud to pass through undetected. However, using the hologram in The Outer Worlds requires a couple of different things.

First you need to get the Hologram (Holographic Shroud). This is located in the Captain’s Quarters on The Unreliable and can be gotten during the Passage to Anywhere Mission. Having the Hologram Shroud is only the first part of this equation as you’ll actually need to find different ID cards to use the item.

Assuming you have the correct ID card the Shroud will activate automatically when you enter a forbidden area, but you’ll notice that when you’re in these restricted zones that you will be in stealth mode but only for a short period of time. Once the stealth runs out you will be confronted by enemies in the area. At this point you will need to speak with them to bypass them and the questions get harder and harder the more times the Shroud runs out of energy.

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