The Quarry Cage Puzzle: Which Breaker Should You Choose to Save Jacob?

Choose carefully, Jacob's life is at stake.

by Diego Perez


If Jacob is kidnapped by the hunters in The Quarry, he will be locked in a cage that requires you to solve a breaker puzzle in order to free him. Ryan and Laura discover him in the basement of the Hackett house, so time is of the essence and they can’t make too much noise either. It’s a very stressful situation for everyone involved, especially since there’s a werewolf locked in the neighboring cage that will surely eat Jacob if the wrong doors open.

It’s a tough puzzle that you can’t really solve unless you take a long look at the cages before starting it, but most people don’t since they don’t even know a puzzle is coming up. If you’re in that situation and want to make sure you save Jacob, here’s how to solve the breaker puzzle to open the cage in The Quarry.

How to Solve the Breaker Puzzle in The Quarry

There are two main steps to freeing Jacob from the cage in the Hackett basement. The first step is opening the middle door allowing Jacob to reach the empty middle section between the two cages, and then the second step is opening the entrance to the cages so Jacob can join Ryan and Laura.


This is much easier said than done, however, so here’s the correct order for the breakers to save Jacob.

  1. Breaker 1
  2. Breaker 2
  3. Continue
  4. Breaker 2
  5. Breaker 3

Choosing the breakers in this order will successful open the two doors needed to let Jacob out while keeping the werewolf locked in its own cage. If you’re wondering, the solution is to select breakers that add up to the cage doors that you need to open, which are cage 3 and cage 5.

If you successfully solve the puzzle, Jacob will exit the cages and Ryan will direct him back through the mines so he can regroup with everyone else. That will ensure Jacob’s survival and leave Ryan and Laura to continue their investigation into the Hackett family.


What Happens If You Don’t Save Jacob From the Cage?

Choosing to leave Jacob or failing to solve the breaker puzzle is very bad for Jacob, since it leads to his death in most cases. You can either mess up the breaker puzzle and let the werewolf into his cage, which ends exactly as you think it would, or you can leave him locked in his own cage while Ryan and Laura go upstairs. This can backfire though, since Laura can cut the house’s power in the next scene, opening all of the cage doors and letting the werewolf eat Jacob.

Solving the breaker puzzle is really the only surefire way to save Jacob if he gets captured and brought to the Hackett house, so make sure you follow this guide and choose the right breakers if you want to save everyone for the best ending of The Quarry.

The Quarry is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

- This article was updated on June 10th, 2022

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