Tower of Fantasy: Should You Pull for Claudia?

Should you pull for Claudia?

by Franklin Bellone Borges


Tower of Fantasy‘s version 1.5 just debuted globally, giving fans the ability to both explore a whole new region and to add the game’s new SSR weapon Guren Blade, and its Simulacrum Claudia to their arsenal/squad. But should you pull for Claudia during her special Order banner in Tower of Fantasy? Now, in order to answer that and more, as well as to help all of those currently questioning if they should add the game’s new SSR Physical DPS to their squad, here’s whether or not you should pull for Claudia on Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy: About Claudia (Guren Blade)

Claudia’s Guren Blade is a Physical DPS weapon focused on dealing massive amounts of aerial and AoE damage, thanks to its Skill, Discharge, and it’s high charge stat. The weapon will also increase your overall damage after performing Discharge skills thanks to its ability to allow you to apply the Grievous effect on targets, which will then allow you to deal 20% increased damage to them for 7 seconds. The weapon is also able to work extremely well with a wide array of matrices and compositions, as you can check out here.

With that said, differently from Shiro, who is currently the only other Physical SSR in the game, Claudia’s weapon cannot break shields efficiently and is instead fit for dealing fast ounces of damage once the enemy is unprotected, all while opening them up to combinations and increasing your overall damage. But that does not mean that Claudia’s Guren Blade and Shiro’s Chakram of the Seas cannot work together, as the latter can excel as a shield breaker, all while allowing Claudia to trigger her resonance.

Tower of Fantasy: Should you Pull for Claudia?

Overall, Claudia’s Guren Blade is a great pick for any composition, as the weapon will allow you to both debuff targets and deal high amounts of Physical damage, but the current lack of Physical SSRs in the game can make her a niche choice among the community. With that said, we highly recommend that you pull for the Guren Blade, as the weapon’s ability to deal massive damage and provide debuffs while at many different compositions is sure to be a great tool in both PVP and PvE.

You can currently play Tower of Fantasy on PC, Android, and IOS.

- This article was updated on September 16th, 2022

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