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Untitled Goose Game – How to Get on TV

Become a goose star.

by Kyle Hanson


Partway through the High Street level in Untitled Goose Game you’ll be tasked with an objective that we’ve all wanted to accomplish at one time or another. It’s time to become famous. It’s time to get on TV. But you’re a lowly goose, wielding the simple power of a beak and a honk. Thankfully this is all you need to become a star. Here’s how to get on TV in Untitled Goose Game.

How to Get on TV

This one is one of the looser tasks given to you in Untitled Goose Game. There’s a few ways to accomplish it, but the preferred method involves another mission where you need to trap the boy in the phone booth. Read that guide for how to finish it, and then be ready to complete this as well. You can do this because the boy will be calling the owner of the electronics shop right near the booth. Once he does the owner will head out to help him, which gives you your opening.

Alternatively, you can simply distract the shop owner by standing outside of the shop and honking at him. Once you get his attention and annoy him enough he’ll head outside to confront you. Once she does just slip by and you’ll be good to go. All you need to do is hit the red switch to the left of the door and get in front of the cameras. You’ll pop up on the TVs in the window and accomplish the objective.

And that’s how to get on TV in Untitled Goose Game. Truly this game has achieved every gamer’s dream. It has made a star…out of a goose. And all it took was frustrating everyone around him through his loud and annoying honk. We’ve all waited for this day to come.

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