V Rising Keely the Frost Archer Boss Guide: Where to Find and How to Beat Her

Planning to eliminate Keely in V Rising?

by Gordon Bicker


V Rising bosses are going to be running in fear after hearing the rampaging footsteps of players making their way through the lands. There have been massive player increases for V Rising with the early access and it is a thrill to observe everyone getting a chance to experience everything the game has to offer them. Of course, many players are hunting bosses within the world and one such boss that players will be on the roam for is Keely the Frost Archer. This guide article will take you through the process of where to find them and also how to eliminate them in V Rising.

Where To Find Keely The Frost Archer and Defeat Them In V Rising

Getting to Keely will be fairly simple for you if you as they are located within the Farbane Woods. Specifically, if you travel to the Bandit Trapper Camp that is within the woods you will be able to find them waiting for you there. If you’re needing a bit of an extra guide for finding them you can also utilize the Blood Altar for tracking them and any other boss that you want to find within the world.

In terms of actually battling them, Keely the Frost Archer is a level 20 boss so equipping yourself with gear that will allow you to be on an equal footing with Keely when battling will be an advantage for you. It is recommended that you bring along all of the healing items that you may need, the toughest set of armor for your character that you can craft at the point you are in the game, and then bring your best weapons along with you.

As long as you are moving around the boss arena efficiently, you should have not many issues with eliminating Keely the Frost Archer within the experience!

V Rising is available now with Early Access for Steam.

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