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Valheim – How to Find Obsidian

Get ready for some Mountain climbing.

by Victor Vellas


Much like Silver, Obsidian is a late-game resource you can only find in the Mountains biome in Valheim. They are pitch-black stones in appearance, so it is really hard to miss them while traversing through the snow of that area. Obsidian is essential for creating some of the most powerful tools in the game, so make sure to mine them every single time you spot a vein.

Where and how to find Obsidian.

As I mentioned, the specific Ore is only located in the Mountains area, which is one of the latter biomes of the game. Harsh environment alongside tough wildlife and monsters, will for sure hinder your search for it, but by now you should have a grasp of the game’s mechanics and how you can survive all of that. After finding a way of handling the Freezing debuff, either with Campfires, Frost Resistance Meads or the Wolf Armor, you need to gear up for some hiking.

You can easily traverse the map on foot, running around finding lots of items and secrets, but Obsidian is very hard to actually locate. While it is quite distinct in comparison to the snow it is laid on, its quite small to see so you need to pay attention to everywhere you look at. It is usually found in ‘packs’, with 3-4 rocks at a time, making it at least a worthy find each time.

Don’t get frustrated if you don’t seem to find this ingredient in mass amounts, as this is intended. Being one of the end-game materials, it’s only natural for it to be that rare. Just keep searching the mountain tops and don’t bother looking for it anywhere else other than snowy areas. In contrast to Silver, Obsisian is high up those cliffs, instead of underground. Also, Obsidian is the main requirement for crafting some high-end arrows, like:

  • Frost Arrows
  • Obsidian Arrows
  • Poison Arrows

Frost Arrows in particular are really good to make, since they can immensely help with the Bonemass Boss, providing an easy way to beat him. With the ingredients you can gather from him, you can in result make the Poison arrows, and so on. In any case, Obsidian is something you should look for later in the game.

Valheim is now available through Steam Early Access.


- This article was updated on:February 11th, 2021

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