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Valheim – How to Kill Serpents Easily

These monstrosities can be easily hunted, if you know the right way.

by Victor Vellas


There is a lot of sailing to do in Valheim, using your trusty Longship or Karve, and many seas and oceans to traverse through. The journey can quite beautiful indeed, with the bright sea reflecting its blue color, or skies clean with seagulls flying above, but all that calming peace can easily be disturbed when a Serpent rises below the water, ready to destroy hours of progress you made.

Get ready for some fishing, we have some sea Serpents to hunt.

Being inside your ship and in the water, the Serpent has a clear advantage over you, and it is very likely it will win the fight at the end of the day, if you decide battling it out with it right away. I’d suggest you avoid doing so, if it’s your first time facing this beast, as dealing with the Serpent can be extremely troublesome. You will start tackling head on these creatures, after you have the right tools.

Speaking of tools, there is one you need in order to trivialize this fight. The Abyssal Harpoon. As the name suggests, it is a harpoon that you can throw to enemies and impale them. It acts like a spear this way, but the harpoon has a rope tied to you while throwing it, so you can pull or drag any stabbed monster. In order see how you can make such a great tool, make sure to read our guide right here.

With all that said, let us go into the sea. Get in your ship, and start sailing away. It is highly suggested to sail relatively close to the shore, and you will see in a minute why. Have your Abyssal Harpoon ready, and if possible, a friend alongside you. Don’t worry, this is completely doable solo, but a little harder to achieve. In any case, get ready to farm some scales.

The moment you spot a Serpent, or it spots you which will be most likely, throw the harpoon at it. Even if you miss, the harpoon won’t disappear, so don’t be afraid to try multiple times. After it connects, now is the time for the actual trick. With the Serpent impaled, start sailing towards the closest beach or land in general, while pulling it. After doing so, jump onto the field and the sea Serpent should be dragged across with you. Now outside of the water, the huge monster is simply a big and harmless snake. Strike it away and it will be dead in a couple of seconds. Loot its precious scales and meat and enjoy your glorious triumph. This is a very easy way to farm the items needed for the Serpent Scale Shield, which is a very strong shield, equal to some of the end-game ones. Happy hunting!

Valheim is now available through Steam Early Access.


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