Valheim – How to Build a Ship

Building a Ship is your key to explore different biomes.

by Victor Vellas

The world of Valheim is vast and open-ended, with forests to traverse through, mountains to climb and oceans to swim across. Well, not really, as you will need to create a vital tool for this part, which is a sturdy Ship. You can build rafts early on, but they can barely do the trick, so creating a big Ship of any kind is your priority. Different Biomes can be explored this way, so it’s not like you can decide not doing so, since it’s pretty much mandatory if you want to progress through the game.

How to build a Ship.

It is almost certain that you will first build a Raft to go around and traverse through water, but soon enough you’ll realize that something bigger is needed. For example, a Karve or a Longship. Here is everything you need to create any of them.


  • Fine Wood x30
  • Deer Hide x1
  • Resin x20
  • Bronze Nail x80
  • Own a Hammer


  • Wood x20
  • Hide x10
  • Resin x10
  • Elder Bark x10
  • Own a Hammer

The blueprints are unlocked whenever you gather the main resources needed, like wood etc., so don’t worry about that. After you create your own glorious naval means of transportation, you can start exploring further the huge world of Valheim and its secrets, and reach other biomes as well. Finding the Merchant in the Black Forest biome should be a priority, since you can sell any precious items you found or buy some key tools for your survival, like the Fishing Rod.

Valheim is now available through Steam Early Access.