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Valheim – How to Get a Fishing Rod

If you want to catch some fish, here is how you can get your own Fishing Rod.

by Victor Vellas


Valheim houses a lot of different animals and wildlife in general, with fish of course being in the vast ocean and lakes alike. As you have guessed it already, in order to get your hands on some of them, for whatever your reason being, you will need a Fishing Rod. It sounds simple at first, but in order to actually get one, is a little bit tricky. Which means that getting some fish at first, won’t be something possible (oddly enough) and you will need to depend on good ‘ol meat and flora for your eating habits.

How to get a Fishing Rod.

In regards to our main topic now, here is how you can get yourself a Fishing Rod. The first step is to reach the Black Forest biome, which is the second biome of the game. Note that Black Forest area may not exist in your starting island, meaning that there is a chance you will have to travel for while to reach it.

After doing so, you only have one task here. That is to locate the traveling Merchant, who can only be found here. The specific vendor is currently the only way of buying and selling items, and guess what. You can buy from him a Fishing Rod! Not only that, but he is kind enough to sell us some Fishing Bait as well, at the cost of 10 coins each stack of x50. The Rod itself is worth 350 coins, which is not a very big amount if you spent some time farming monsters and dungeons. You can even make that amount right there on the spot, by simply selling any unwanted items or collectibles that do sell for a lot, like Rubies and jewels alike. Also, if you want to find that vendor fast and easy, make sure to check here how to do so.

After getting a Fishing Rod from the Merchant, attach some bait and you are ready to fish anywhere you want. Just cast your rod to any spot that you notice fish swimming around, and good luck!

Valheim is now available through Steam Early Access.


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