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Valheim – How to Level Up Jumping Fast

Increase your jumping Skill with an extremely efficient way.

by Victor Vellas


In Valheim, almost every single action you take increases the level of a Skill. From chopping woods to running through fields, everything has its unique stat and skill, which can be leveled up accordingly. The more you run or swim, the higher their skill level will be and so on. Such is the case with jumping, that the higher it is, the higher and further you can jump. Let’s see how you can become a marathon athlete in no time.

How to level up your jumping and running skill.

Much like in our guide for leveling up your Weapon Skills fast, we need to create a training area for starting our workout. Create any house, anywhere, or just use the one you’ve already built, if it has the room for the following setup. Put a Campfire in it, alongside a hole in the ceiling to let the smoke out, and proceed to the following step.

Approach a wall piece from inside the house, and attach to it a big floor tile, any that fits would do, at a spot where it is right above your character, horizontally. You need to be able to fit underneath that tile, with a little extra space for being actually able to jump below that as well, with our head hitting the bottom of it. Don’t leave too much space though, as this is the point of this odd structure placement.

Stock up on the best food you have for increasing your Stamina gauge. Eat any combination that increases it by a lot, and don’t be afraid to waste it as it is totally worth it.

After all of the above is done, it’s time to start our training. Go right below that tile, and start spamming the jump button the fastest you can, until your Stamina is depleted. Then, simply wait for two seconds for the gauge to be full again, and do it all over again.

Now you may ask, why should we proceed with this troublesome setup, and not just jump around the huge biomes of Valheim? This is an option, yes, but our guide here is about how to level up fast and efficiently. Having that tile above our head, it interrupts the full animation of the jump, speeding up the leveling process exponentially, in the long run. Additionally, if you want, you can combine running and jumping in one go. Keep running towards the wall, with your face hugging it, while also jumping, and you’ll hit two birds with one stone. Just note that running levels up really slowly, so don’t expect to level it up too much in such a way, unless you spend hours doing this.

Valheim is now available through Steam Early Access.


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