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Valheim – How to Level Up Weapon Skills Fast

Weapons are really simple to level up, using this very easy method.

by Victor Vellas


The world of Valheim is full of monsters of many kinds, and in order to deal with them you need to travel prepared with your weapon skills leveled up quite a bit. Your weapon of choice being a Spear or a Hammer, it doesn’t matter as long as it is leveled up enough to be able to deal with the progressively stronger monsters of the game.

How to level up your weapons Skill fast.

Find a big rock in the wild! You heard that right, this is the first step to creating your training Dojo for leveling up your weapons. Then, level the ground around it with your hoe, in order to be able to build a floor around it, and then a whole house/ training room, however you want to call it. Place a campfire in it, a Workbench as well, and your setup is ready. Don’t forget to create any kind of hole to the ceiling so the smoke of the fire won’t end up damaging you.

After doing all of the above, make sure to eat the best combination of food you have, for increasing your stamina gauge. The bigger the better, so don’t be stingy with the edible items you have.

Now the fun (not really) part. Unsheathe the weapon type you want to increase its stat for, and simply start hitting that rock. Keep doing it until you are ALMOST out of stamina. Why stop? That is because you weapon skill won’t be increased if you don’t spend stamina when you are using your weapon, so while you can keep attacking with no stamina, just slower, the hits won’t actually register towards your level stat. Attack the rock, stop when Stamina is almost out, wait a second or two for the gauge to be full again, rinse and repeat. You can do the same for each weapon type of the game, including Bows, but make sure you create some arrows if you run out.

The method above is indeed quite boring, but this is not a matter of being fun or not, this is simply the best and fastest way to actually level up your weapon skills. You can of course level them up regularly by playing the game, but if you are in a rush for a certain type, this is the way to go. Your jumping and running Skills fit the same category, so if you want to take a look as to how you can increase these easily as well, make sure to look at our guide right here.

Valheim is available now through Steam Early Access.


- This article was updated on:February 12th, 2021

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