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Valheim – How to Make the Stagbreaker Hammer

Get ready to farm some Greydwarf monsters with the Stagbreaker Hammer.

by Victor Vellas


There are a lot of different weapons you can craft in Valheim, from bows and spears, to shields and huge hammers like the infamous Stagbreaker Hammer. An early-ish weapon that is an excellent choice to farm monsters with, as it has an AOE attack and big radius. Of course, as you would imagine, it hits hard as well, especially at the point of the game that you will be able to get it.

How to make the Stagbreaker Hammer.

Starting off, you need to beat the very first Boss of the game in order to travel to the second biome, Black Forest. Then, as you would normally do, set up a base with a basic workshop and everything that’s needed to survive. When you are up and running, you need to start farming the materials needed for the hammer. You need the following:

  • Core Wood x20
  • Deer Trophies x5
  • Leather Scraps x2

Starting with the Core Wood, it is obtainable through Fir and Pine flora. The moment you get your first pile of Core Wood, the blueprint for the Stagbreaker Hammer will unlock.

As far as Deer Trophies go, you should have realized by now that some animals drop certain Trophies sometimes, after you hunt them down. These ones are no exception, so of course you need to hunt a number of deer to get them. Leather Scraps can be found from any animal like boars and the likes, so just hunt down some of them to get them. Also, Meadows is the best place to start farming these.

Having all of these, you can begin crafting your awesome hammer. Please note that you also need a level 2 crafting table, so make sure to have it upgraded, as you should in any case of course to proceed any further. I can’t even stress out how useful it is when you are up against waves of enemies like Greydwarves, so make sure to abuse this weapon as much as possible. If you need a ranged alternative for hunting down wildlife, here is how you can make the Finewood Bow very early on.

Valheim is now available through Steam Early Access.


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