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Valheim: How to Plant Seeds

Farming can make your life a whole lot easier.

by Diego Perez


Trying to plant seeds in Valheim? Farming is a great way to keep you and your friends fed while you focus on other tasks, but you won’t be able to farm right off the bat. Planting seeds and starting a farm requires some advanced equipment that you won’t be able to get until you play for at least a few hours. You will still be able to find seeds everywhere in the early parts of the game, however, so be sure to hang onto them so you have crops to plant when you finally get the tools you need. Here’s how to plant seeds in Valheim.

How to Plant Seeds in Valheim

Here are the basic steps to plant seeds in Valheim.

  1. Gather Bronze and Core Wood.
  2. Craft a Cultivator.
  3. Cultivate soil into farmland.
  4. Plant seeds using the Cultivator menu.

Crafting the Cultivator is the hardest part of the entire process. You won’t be able to construct one until you make a fair bit of progress in the game, so farming isn’t an option for new players. The Cultivator requires five Bronze and five Core Wood to create, and these materials can be tough to find.


The first step you’ll need to take to get a Cultivator is building a Smelter, which requires 20 Stone and 5 Surtling Cores. Stone is easy enough to find, but Surtling Cores are rarer. They can be found in the Burial Chambers in the Black Forest Biome, but only after you defeat the game’s first boss, Eikthyr.

Once the Smelter is built, you need to gather materials to construct a Forge. A Forge requires 6 Copper Bars, 4 Stone, 4 Coal, and 10 Wood. Copper Bars are created by placing Copper Ore in the Smelter, while the other materials are quite common and can be gathered easily. Once you build the Forge, you can create Bronze, which is required to make the Cultivator. Bronze is created by mixing Copper and Tin, so make sure you have enough of these materials.


Now that you have Bronze, it’s time to gather Core Wood. Core Wood is obtained by harvesting Pine Trees in the Black Forest biome. Pine Trees are incredibly tall and have all of their leaves at the top, so they’re very easy to spot. Just take an axe to a few of them and you’ll have more than enough Core Wood.

Once you have enough Bronze and Core Wood in hand, it’s time to craft a Cultivator. You can make it at your Forge. With the Cultivator in hand, you can start farming and planting seeds. It works just like the Hammer, so right-click to open the farming menu. Then, select the Cultivate option. This allows you to turn normal soil into farmland where you can grow crops.  Just click anywhere on the ground to prepare the soil for seeds.

After this is done, open the farming menu again and then select the seeds you want to plant. You can place them in any area that you have cultivated. Some plants require space to grow properly, so be sure to spread out your seeds. Plants also take a few days to fully grow, so you’ll need to be patient with your crops.

Valheim is available now on PC. The game is currently in Steam Early Access and will remain in early access for at least one year.

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