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Valheim – Monster Levels (Stars) Explained

Ever wondered what the Stars below a creature's name resemble?

by Victor Vellas


Valheim houses a lot of different animals and monsters to its unique biomes, all of them having their own characteristics and attributes. You start out finding joyful Boars and Deer in the deep forests, reaching to a point where seeing Drakes flying above your head is something natural. All of those creatures share a certain feature though. Their level progression, or rank progression, however you want to call it, indicated by the yellow stars found below their nameplates.

What do Stars mean?

Right below a creature’s nameplate, you either see nothing or a number of yellow Stars. There is no information within the game’s world that tells you what exactly those Stars are, but based on experimentation, it seems they are that certain entity’s level. If they have none, it means that the monster is in its default rank or level. Having 1 star means that it is already upgraded, having 2 even further, and so on.

Based on some testing, a monster’s level does increase some of its stats. For example, they have more HP and hit way harder. They don’t seem to be taking less damage though, so as far as armor goes, it seems it remains the same. Another notable difference, is that upgraded monsters drop way more loot than their default counterparts. I haven’t seen any new materials though, so it’s only the amount that changes.

How to to find leveled up creatures.

Finding monsters or animals with multiple Stars is actually something random. If I’m not mistaken, after defeating some Bosses that’s when you start locating beasts with a higher level. Before I was done with The Elder, I barely noticed any monster with more Stars on it. Having defeated Moder though, it seems that I find more and more higher leveled critters.

Additionally, their appearance seems to change the more stars they have, indicating their ‘evolution’. Boars for example have a different color scheme, alongside more tusks coming out of their mouth. It is still unknown if there are any other changes while having multiple stars, so we will need to wait and find out in the future.

Valheim is now available through Steam Early Access.


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