Valorant: Best Viper Bind Lineups and Setups

Learn the best Viper lineups and setups on Bind!

by Ramses Miaco


Many would argue that Bind is one of the most irritating maps to play because of its tight angles and choke points. However, some agents thrive in these situations, and Viper is one of them. If you want to main the American chemist to win most of your games in the notorious Valorant map, here are the best Viper lineups and setups on Bind!

Best Attacking Viper Lineups and Setups on Bind

A Site Attacking Setup


Viper’s Toxic Screen is a strong ability on the A Site because it covers more than half of the map and gives the spike planter a safe spot. Line your Toxic Screen precisely on the edge of A Truck to block everyone on the deeper part of the site. 


Next, throw your Poison Cloud to block A Lamps. Go to the same spot where you place the Toxic Screen, then look above and place your crosshair slightly on the right of the enormous cylinder tank of the roof. Perform a standing throw, and the Poison Cloud will land exactly on the outer side of A Lamps.

A Site Lineups

A Default Plant


Probably the most common planting spot in A Site, this default lineup will be a solid addition to your arsenal that will make you bag some unwinnable rounds. To perform this lineup, go to the corner of the small rectangular box at A Short, then place your crosshair slightly below the giant letter “A” seen on the wall.

A Green Boxes Plant


Walk outside A Bath until you see the small brown box just outside the A Exit/Teleporter. Line the right edge of your ability HUD on the rectangular roof of the massive building on top of you. Perform a standing throw. The lineup will land exactly at the Green Boxes.

B Site Attacking Setup



Line your wall on the door seen at B Lobby. This Toxic Screen lineup will block the right part of the site while giving players from B Hookah ample space to go through. Next, to set up your Poison Orb, stand on the left corner of B Long, then place your crosshair slightly on the left side of the roof seen on top of you, then throw. This setup will block B Elbow and a portion of the site for a better execution potential.

B Site Lineups

B Default Plant



Stay at one of the star’s corners on top of the fountain in B Lobby. Line the left edge of the ability HUD at the three pressure indicators on top of you. Perform a standing throw, and it will land quickly on the default plant of B site. This is one of the safest lineups for B, so make sure to use this next time.

B Front Plant


There may be times when the spike will be planted in the middle of B Site, which is open to multiple angles. Thankfully, there is an easy lineup that lands in this spot. To do this, stand on the inner corner in the cubby of B Long, then place your crosshair slightly below the top of the passageway of B Garden. 

Best Defending Viper Lineups and Setups on Bind

A Site Setup



Ideally, it is best to place your wall that blocks both A Bath and A Short. For the Poison Cloud placement, stand on the right corner in front of the truck in A Site, then place your crosshair slightly right of the signboard seen in A Short. Make sure to place your crosshair exactly like on the picture below because it has no room for error.

B Site Setup



Like the A Site setup, you have to block the choke points where enemies usually push, which are B Hookah and B Garden. Stand on the cubby of the B Garden entrance, then line your Toxic Screen on the chokepoints. 

On the other hand, there is also a cool one-way Poison Cloud for B Garden if you do not prefer using your Toxic Screen. To do this, jump on the small box seen on the edge of the plank just outside B Garden. Line up the arrow indicator HUD indicator on the small ledge seen in the picture, then press right-click. This will land on the small ledge and provide a one-way smoke when activated. 

That was the best lineups and setups for Viper on Bind. Make sure to practice in a custom game before hopping onto a match to perfect everything in your arsenal! If you also want to play Viper on other maps, check out her best lineups and setups on Pearl!

Valorant is now available on PC.

- This article was updated on November 7th, 2022

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