Vampire Survivors: How to Enable Twitch Mode

Stream your survival.

by Noah Nelson


Vampire Survivors now has an official Twitch Mode and Twitch integration. With the new Vampire Survivors 1.0 Patch, Twitch Drop, among new modes and achievements, is finally in the game. And the best part is you don’t need to unlock it. Here is how to enable Twitch Mode in Vampire Survivors.

How to Enable Twitch Mode in Vampire Survivors

Enabling Twitch Mode in Vampire Survivors is easy. To do it, simply go to Options from the main menu. With the Options menu open, a Twitch Channel text box appears on the left side of the screen. Enter your Twitch Channel name and select the Twitch connect button. Note that you do need a keyboard to do this.

And just like that, you have connected Vampire Survivors to Twitch. Of course, you could always stream Vampire Survivors via Twitch, but now there is new Twitch integration. That is why you want to activate the Twitch Mode in Vampire Survivors.

With Twitch Mode enabled, your Twitch chat has the power to choose your level-up decisions. By typing in a number from 1 to 7, your Twitch chat has full control over what level-up item you get, if the items get rerolled, if it gets skipped, or if it gets banished.

Your Twitch chat also has the ability to select special events. During the second half of every minute, a secret vote will take place in which the Twitch chat can type a, b, or c to vote on which special event takes place. Sometimes it can be good like a free passive, and sometimes it can be bad like deploying a jelly wall.

And that is how to enable Twitch Mode in Vampire Survivors. Streamers are sure to have some fun with all of the Vampire Survivors Twitch integrations. If you are interested in more Vampire Survivor content, visit our Vampire Survivors page.

Vampire Survivors is available now on Steam and Xbox Game Pass.

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