Vampire Survivors: How to See the Final Fireworks and Unlock Greatest Jubilee

How to Survive Vampire Survivors.

by Noah Nelson


Though Vampire Survivors is an action roguelike, there is a pseudo-ending by unlocking the Greatest Jubilee and seeing the final fireworks. Since Vampire Survivors is officially released from early access, there is now an official ending to the game. If you 100% the Vampire Survivors, you’ll get the Greatest Jubilee and see the final fireworks.

How to See the Final Fireworks and Unlock Greatest Jubilee in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors is a game full of unlockable characters, relics, stages, and more. To even get to the final boss that lies before unlocking the Greatest Jubilee, you need to obtain Gracia’s Mirror and unlock Endless Mode by getting the Seventh Trumpet.

With the Eudaimonia M stage unlocked and all of the relics obtained, return to Eudaimonia M and start the fight with The Director.

There are five phases to The Director boss battle. First, you’ll need to simply attack the orbs and floating heads coming at you. Easy enough. The second phase will take you through familiar stages you’ve fought through before. Continue to clear the room and you’ll make it to phase three.

Phase three is similar to phase two: bullet hell insanity. Once all of the floating orbs and enemies are dead, phase four will begin. In this phase, White Reapers will come for you. If they touch you, you die, so get your revives ready.

If you survive, phase five will have White and Red Reapers coming right for you. If you manage to maneuver through and slay every monster, you’ll beat The Director boss battle.

Finally, after clearing out enemies and surviving as long as you can, you’ll be rewarded with seeing the final fireworks and getting the Greatest Jubilee. You’ll receive the weapon and be satisfied knowing that you’ve beat Vampire Survivors.

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Vampire Survivors is available now on Steam and Xbox Game Pass.

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