Vampire Survivors: How to Unlock Avatar Infernas (Secret Character)

Here's how to unlock the final secret character in Vampire Survivors.

by Diego Perez


The indie smash hit Vampire Survivors has finally released out of early access and a new secret character, Avatar Infernas, has been added to the game. Vampire Survivors is no stranger to secret characters or secret stages, but this character is the hardest to unlock of them all. It requires beating Vampire Survivors in its entirety and then going on to complete an additional challenge. Your reward will be more than worth the trouble though, as Avatar Infernas is one of the game’s strongest characters. Here’s how to unlock Avatar Infernas in Vampire Survivors.

How to Unlock the Secret Avatar Infernas Character in Vampire Survivors

Before you can unlock Avatar Infernas, you have to defeat The Director, the final boss of Vampire Survivors that resides in the all-new Eudaimonia M stage. Doing so will allow you to see the final fireworks and unlock the Greatest Jubilee, one of the final weapons in the game. Your Vampire Survivors journey isn’t quite over at that point, however.

Once you beat The Director, a 15th secret will become available that reads “It is tangible only in the Inverted Inlaid Library. Good friends might then show the way.” This riddle will lead you to Avatar Infernas.

“It is tangible only in the Inverted Inlaid Library. Good friends might then show the way.”

To begin the unlocking process, head to the Inlaid Library stage. Make sure to have inverse mode active so the stage is inverted as the secret requires. Begin the run and get Ebony Wings and Peachone, these are the “good friends” that the riddle refers to.

Once both items are in your possession, continue to the right past where the ring and mantle are and you’ll find an enemy playing the piano. Kill the enemy and approach the piano. You need to press the keys in the right order. That’s what Peachone and Ebony Wings are for! They’ll fly onto the piano keys and show you the correct ones to press.

After playing the correct five-note sequence, you’ll be taken to a new area with nine coffins. Open all of the coffins and Avatar Infernas will appear. Defeat him to unlock him as a playable character and add his weapon, Flames of Misspell, to your arsenal! With that, you have conquered all of the new content in the 1.0 version of Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors is available on PC via Steam and Xbox Game Pass.

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