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Warframe – Railjack Forge Guide

Keep yourself supplied for the fight.

by Brandon Adams


Your Railjack is under heavy enemy fire, and you’re finding yourself low on repair charges – it’s time to stop by the Forge. Located at the aft of your Railjack, the Forge will resupply your dwindling resources, but there is a cost.

Use materials harvested during the mission to power the Forge.

Unless you are using the Payload screen from your Dry Dock (where all your accumulated materials are available for use to restock between missions), you will need to farm up Copernics, Cubic Diodes, Carbides, and Pustrels within the mission itself if you wish to resupply at the Forge. This isn’t too cosmic to do, seeing as enemy fighters drop them upon death. It’s just a matter of flying close enough to hoover them up.

There are also items in the environment that can be destroyed for materials, such as Grinner satelites, orange asteroids, and damaged crates, but the majority of Forge materials will be gathered from downed combatants. It’s absolutely critical you are able to deal decent damage, otherwise you’ll struggle to fuel the Forge and keep up with resupplies.

Assuming you are able to harvest the goods you need, using the Forge itself is simple. There are four nodes you can interact with, and you can only queue one resupply at each (with a two-minute cooldown between uses). Depending on your Instrinsic levels (namely Engineering), you will resupply a set amount per charge, and the materials required are listed underneath the resource you are resupplying. So, say you are burning through repairs and draining your Omni, you may want to use all four Forge nodes to resupply Revolite. Forges will say “Forge Ready” and glow yellow when they are ready for use.


All Tenno have the ability to restock the ship repairing Revolite, but if you want to restock the other three you will need to level up your Engineering. Rank 2 lets you resupply Flux Energy (the ship’s energy for Battle and Tactical Avionics, including Tactical Warframe abilities). Rank 3 will allow you to resupply munitions for your Ordinance armaments, and at Rank 5 you can make Dome Charges for the forward cannon.

Materials are capped at 200 per type in the Forge, and anything gathered that goes above this cap is deposited into your personal inventories. If you are gathering more resources than you are spending at the Forge, and everything is close to capped, you can use the Refine option to move the materials banked for the Forge into your inventory, but this is typically not advised. Say you Refine and suddenly come under heavy fire then you’ll have nothing to restock with.

More often you’ll use the Refine option once a mission is completed and you are returning to the Dry Dock. While the game is supposed to automatically refine those materials upon return it can bug out, so it’s best to refine after everyone has agreed to return to the dock.

Remember to coordinate with your crew before using the Forge to see what is in need. If you are the Tenno running around handling fires and boarders then you are likely going to end up on Forge duty, so pay attention to what is running low and resupply accordingly. Proper Forge use can be the difference between victory and defeat, so even if you are not on Forge duty, check on it occasionally.

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- This article was updated on:January 4th, 2020

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