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Warframe – Railjack Slingshot Guide

Your ship is the weapon, and you're the ammunition.

by Brandon Adams


Leaving your Railjack can be perilous with all the fighters and crewships darting about, but there is an easier way to rapidly cross the expanse: the Slingshot. It requires some investment within your Gunnery Intrinsic to use, but the Slingshot will alter how you engage enemy combatants.

Unlock the Archwing Slingshot at Rank 3 Gunnery, and make it deadlier at Rank 4.

As a fresh Railjack crewmember you will be unable to use the Archwing Slingshot until you’ve accrued some Intrinsic points. Thankfully, it’ll only take seven points to unlock the Slingshot, and fifteen total if you want to bring its power to full bore.

At Rank 3 Gunnery you can use the Slingshot, and it’s located on the upper deck of the main cabin, towards the rear (behind the spinning engine). Walk up to in, and press the prompt to enter. Alternatively, you can enter the Slingshot outside the Railjack: just fly up to it and press the prompt (it’s the giant tube up top). From there you’ll be given a first-person view to aim yourself, though the angle-of-attack is rather limited. You can coordinate with your pilot, or wait for them to spin the ship where you want to go.

Any target you want to launch yourself towards will be highlighted by yellow arrows once you’ve lined your reticle on them, and all you need is to click your fire button to propel yourself forward. If you are simply using the Slingshot to move deeper into enemy space, then you can hold down the fire button to launch yourself where ever you are aiming (great for boarding enemy stations).

At Rank 4 Gunnery the Slingshot goes from a long-distance travel cannon to a deadly Tenno delivery service. At this rank you will physically punch into enemy crewships, or collide and destroy enemy fighters. Yep, you can use the Slingshot to rapidly board and pop crewships, and with Tactical Rank 4 you can use your Omni to port back to the Railjack and load yourself back into the barrel. If you wanna extend your Slingshot range, then dump points into the Gunnery Intrinsic to unlock Rank 7, which adds 50% to your range.

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- This article was updated on:January 4th, 2020

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