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Warframe – Railjack Wreckage Guide

Gear out your ship to take on greater challenges.

by Brandon Adams


Wreckage for your Railjack is akin to weapons for your Warframe: what you choose to “repair” and utilize will determine your playstyle. In this portion of our Railjack guide series, I’ll go over where to you can get it and what to do with it after you’ve hauled it back to your dry dock.

Wreckage is found out in Railjack missions, and repaired in the Dry Dock.

If you want new gear for your Railjack you’ll need to participate in Railjack missions – simple as that. There are three houses/variants that can drop (Lavan, Vidar, and Zetki), and they each have three tiers of power: MK I, MK II, and MK III. Each house has their own strengths and weakness, such as Zetki weapons packing a larger punch while generating the heat of a small star.

Furthermore, the higher the tier the higher the randomized stats a piece of wreckage can roll. Currently, as I write this, there is a caveat to this randomization: higher tier wreckage can roll stats lower than lower tier wreckage. I’ll update this article if DE adjusts this, but for now know that higher tier wreckage is your best bet for increased stats, but poor luck can put a damper on things.

If you want to hunt down higher tier wreckage you simply have to advance within Railjack’s portion of the star chart. There are three “Proximas” as of launch: Earth, Saturn, and the Veil. Earth drops MK I wreckage, Saturn MK II, and the Veil MK III. As you fly around and take both fighters and crewships out you’ll sometimes see a purple aura around a dropped item: this is wreckage. Currently wreckage has a 15% drop chance, with certain variants of specific wreckage having rarer drop chances. So, you essentially have a 15% chance of a piece dropping, but an even slimmer chance of it being the thing you want.

You need to have at least one of your Intrinsics (the skill trees in Railjack) at rank 3 to enter Saturn and 7 to enter the Veil, however. You’ll want to focus on grinding up your Intrinsics if your goal is to skip the foreplay and farm higher tier wreckage in the Veil (which I recommend doing, considering the costs of repairing wreckage, as you’ll see below).


That’s right: you can’t use wreckage obtained from missions without repairing them first. Think of this as baking a weapon in the foundry, but with a steeper material tax similar to dojo research. You have two options here: you can either dump in the materials and wait twelve hours (which can be skipped for 20 Plat at max), or you can buy a Rush Repair Drone for 50 Plat from the market to bypass the time and material requirements. If you opt into using the drones I advise saving them for MK III wreckage, which carries the heaviest material costs.

Materials, on the other hand, are not too bad to farm. What you need for MK I wreckage can be found as both drops and as rewards from Earth Proxima missions, and so on for the other tiers of wreckage. The MK III materials simply take longer to farm, so the drones are best saved for those drops.

If you decide you don’t like the wreckage you obtained and you don’t want to repair it, you can click the Dirac icon (the glowing rock) to scrap it into, well, Dirac. This is the Endo of Railjack, and scrapped wreckage is the easiest way to accumulate a stockpile of it for use upgrading your Avionics. The higher the tier, the more Dirac obtained.

That said, if you have repaired an item and don’t want it anymore, scrapping it will instead provide a partial refund of the materials used to repair it.

You can only hold thirty pieces of wreckage in your inventory at a time (across all categories), with any additional drops being scrapped immediately. So, if you don’t want your drops to be melted down immediately go into your dry dock often after a round of missions to scrap what you don’t want or need anymore.

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- This article was updated on:January 2nd, 2020

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