Warframe: Upcoming Update 30.7 Details and Release Date

The return of Operation: Plague Star and more

by Elliott Gatica

Update 30.7 has been announced for Warframe in Devstream 156. It with ship with a plethora of changes, as well as the return of a fan favorite event, a new weapon class, and over 100 unannounced fixes.

The team at Digital Extremes laid out some interesting information about this upcoming update. Such reveals included new skins, upcoming fixes, and new augment mods. However, this will be a significant update coming out before the release of the New War.


The return of this fan favorite event is none other than Operation: Plague Star. Yes, that’s right; the infested boil event that takes place on the Plains is coming back, and what better timing? Many people wanted this event back, but not just because of it being an easy source of Forma, but also because it has the infested Zaw parts.

Adding onto this event, though, is the inclusion of the new Ghoulsaw weapon that was teased a while back. This weapon has also become a bit of a fan favorite because it’ll be a new class of weapon since the two-handed Nikanas. It also will have a gear-revving mechanic as well as some cool moves where you’ll actually ride this bad boy in battle, tearing through your enemies.

Other significant things coming to this sizable update is the inclusion of the Revenant “Mephisto” Deluxe skin. Created by freelance illustrator, Debbysheen, this skin will come bundled with a 2-handed Nikana skin, a unique syandana, and operator cosmetics.

Update 30.7 will also come with the Yareli changes that were detailed in a previous Dev Workshop. You can read more about that here.

While the team at Digital Extremes said that there’d be “100+ fixes and more”, there were some things that stood out in this extensive laundry list. As it is right now in Warframe, farming some popular items is a bit too tedious. Listed in Rebecca Ford’s trusty graphic, there will be some changes to Corrupted Holokeys that aims to have a more streamlined grind.

The team are also looking to improve Grineer Thrall spawns for Kuva Liches. Harrow’s Systems and Neuroptics are also going to be easier to grind, since they are much more time consuming and rarer to find than his Chassis. Finally, the Ambassador gun that came out in the Sisters of Parvos update will be possibly getting its parts moved to Raknoid drops in Empyrean missions.


This update is looking to be shipped on September 8, 2021. It seems too specific that Digital Extremes is launching this update the same day that Gara Prime’s Access period ends. It’s almost as if a certain Infested Primed Warframe might see the light of day in this update too, though it’s just speculation.

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