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WarioWare: Get it Together! How to Level Up Your Crew

Bring your crew higher up in the ranks!

by Elliott Gatica


A nifty addition to WarioWare: Get it Together! has to be leveling each individual character up. So, yes, this does sound like something that can be seen as a grind, but it isn’t all too bad in the grand scheme of things. However, this does open up to the possibility of a haven for completionists.

Leveling a character up in this game doesn’t revolve around playing as them, though. This is a guide that will help you level up characters.

How to level up your crew members in WarioWare: Get it Together!

In order to level up your crew, you will have to earn coins. I wrote a guide earlier about different methods to earn coins in the game. Instead of having to grind out a certain character by playing them all the time, you’ll use the aforementioned coins to spend at the Emporium.

To access the Emporium, select the Crew option in the main menu. It’s the option in the middle once inside the Crew menu. Go ahead and buy all the items you see to your heart’s content, especially for the sale items.


The better way to get items is through the Cluckade. Usually, I aim for the yellow machine to give out higher rarity items. Higher rarity items tend to level up characters a lot faster given their value. Stock up on tons of items from these purchases and then make your way to the Break Room.

Here is where you will find the entire crew starting at level 1. Select any crew member individually and give them “Prezzies”. These Prezzies are the items you bought at the emporium. Here’s where things can be rather complicated: Prezzies have different values to each character. They’re one-time use items and have different levels of favorability depending on what they mean to a character.


For example, this Red Gem shown on the screenshot is heavily favored by Wario because he is a man of expensive taste. He loves money and exquisite treasures. He wouldn’t be too fond of things with little value to them. Also, when you give a character a certain item for the first time, they will react on a scale from “eh” to “like”.

Of course, the higher the rarity, the more job points (or experience points) will be given. However, if a crew member likes a certain item more, the points increase. You may want to know ahead of time what a character likes depending on their personality.

Take another example: Ashley. She really likes food, so any sort of food item would be gladly accepted by her. Just avoid anything that might be a bit too cute, she tends to be less enthusiastic about things like that.

Also note that these Prezzies can be acquired again. There is also the very helpful Prezzy Stash that keeps track of what items you have gotten before and who likes these items. Just mess around and give characters the various Prezzies to see who will benefit the most from receiving these said items!

WarioWare: Get it Together! is out now for the Nintendo Switch. Make sure to follow our website where we’ll go over more guides and a review for the game by clicking here.

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