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Watch Dogs Legion: Where to Find More Masks – All Mask Locations

Masks can be found all over London.

by Diego Perez


Masks are an important part of Watch Dogs: Legion, allowing your DedSec operatives to maintain anonymity as they rise up against Albion. Masks are a great way to express your characters’ personalities, and there are a lot of bright and colorful masks to collect as you explore the city. You only start with a handful of masks, but you can eventually earn more than 40 of them. A lot of them are variants and recolors of certain mask types, but there are still quite a few unique mask models in Watch Dogs: Legion.

How to Get More Masks

You can get more masks in Watch Dogs: Legion by exploring the city. Masks are marked on the map with a small gray icon that looks like a gas mask. You can’t see them on the main map, but you will be able to see them on your minimap when you get close to one. Every mask is hidden inside a small blue box, and some of them are remarkably well hidden. There are over 40 masks in total in Watch Dogs: Legion, with some locked behind special editions or Ubisoft Connect rewards. You start with a handful unlocked at the start of the game, but you must find the rest.


All Watch Dogs: Legion Mask Locations

  • Camden
    • St. Pancras International
    • Albion Internment Centre
    • Camden Market
  • City of Westminster
    • DedSec hideout
    • Broca Tech Exterior
    • Somerset House
    • Thorne’s Felts
    • Buckingham Palace Gardens
    • New Scotland Yard
    • Perry Harris Redevelopment
    • Downing Street
    • London Carriage Service
  • Islington & Hackney
    • World of Tomorrow
    • Museum of the Home
    • Sandstone Residence
    • Food Town
  • Lambeth
    • MI-6 Building
    • European Processing Center
    • London Lens
    • Brixton Barrier Block
    • Xcess Building
    • Brixton Recreation Centre
  • Nine Elms
    • Nine Elms Docks
    • Embassy Garden
  • Southwark
    • Nexus Tower
    • Rotherhithe Docks
    • Martlet’s Nest
    • Tidis Building
    • The Mix
    • Southwark Incinerator
  • Tower Hamlets
    • Cemetery Park
    • Helmsman Tracks
    • Limehouse Garden
  • City of London
    • St. Paul’s Cathedral
    • London Bridge
    • Walkie Talkie Building
    • Roberts & Scotts Hall
  • Ubisoft Connect Rewards
    • Helm of Sparta
    • Ubisoft Mask
  • Special Edition Masks
    • Box Head Mask
    • Skull Crown Mask
    • Cat Eyes Mask
    • Fancy Solider Mask
    • Red and White Geometric Mask
    • Purple Skull Mask

Secret Defalt Mask Location

There is a secret mask you can get in the City of London borough, but it’s a bit more complicated than just finding it in a hidden area. It’s actually not marked on the map at all. To get it, wait until 2 AM in the game and fast travel to Cannon Street and then head south to the river. You want to reach the building directly south of the Cannon Street fast travel point, which is marked on the map below.


If you’re in the right place, you should see an orange ladder that drops down into the river. Descend the ladder and turn around. To the right of the ladder is a mossy door in the wall locked with a padlock. The mask is located inside, but the door only opens under very specific conditions. You can only open the door at 2 AM, so you may have to wait a while before you can get the mask. You can check the current in-game time next to your minimap in the bottom left corner of the screen.


Once the clock strikes 2 AM, you’ll be able to open the door and head inside. The mask is inside, hidden under a table on a stage. It’s the mask of Defalt, one of the main antagonists from the first Watch Dogs game. After picking up this mask, you’ll be able to equip it on any of your operatives.

Watch Dogs: Legion is available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia. The game is also coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S when those systems launch in early November.

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