Wayfinder Server Status: Queue Times, Player Capacity, and More

Everything you need to know regarding the server status of Wayfinder.

by Christian Bognar
Wayfinder Server Status
Image: Airship Syndicate

Wayfinder has had a rocky start, and it makes sense due to it being in early access. Still, MMO fans had to pay $19.99 to participate so it makes sense why everyone wants to know about Wayfinder’s server status. In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know about the server of Wayfinder, including queue times, player capacity, and more.

What is the Status of Servers for Wayfinder

Only some players were allowed to try out the large Wayfinder MMO at the start of early access. This was due to the servers running into issues from the start, frustrating most of the online multiplayer community. Airship Syndicate has acknowledged these issues on its X (Twitter) account and mentioned that they have implemented a temporary player capacity to manage the servers better. Below you can find the official post.

Wayfinder Queue Times and Position

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Even though the player capacity is helping the Wayfinder servers, it has also added incredibly long queue times for players. Queue times can range from 3 to 10 hours, depending on the time of day you log on. The last time I tried to get in the game, my position in line was 11 thousand, and there was no way I was waiting that long. Keep in mind that sometimes the “Login Queue” will only show your position and not the estimated wait time.

Some players report that after waiting so long in the queue and finally getting into the game, they are kicked out immediately. With that in mind, it may be wise to forget about waiting until Airship Syndicate fixes the server issues entirely.

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If you can’t wait to try out Wayfinder, your best bet is to log in when the least amount of players are online. The best time to try to get into the game is late in the evening, or very early in the morning.

Wayfinder Player Capacity

At the time of writing, there is no confirmation of the player capacity number for Wayfinder. With that said, the official X account for Wayfinder has mentioned that the team is incrementally increasing the player capacity and working towards getting everyone inside the game. Below is the post from Wayfinder acknowledging and reassuring the community that a fix is being worked on.

It’s just a waiting game as we all sit back and look for more information regarding this issue. Follow Wayfinder on the X social media website to keep current on any new information.

- This article was updated on August 22nd, 2023

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