What Are Special Trades in Pokemon GO? Explained

Wondering what a Special Trade is in Pokemon GO?

by Gordon Bicker


Pokemon GO has players happily taking part in everything the game has to offer each and every day. There is always something to do in the game whether you are simply walking around collecting Pokemon, battling, or perhaps making sure that you have the highest-powered Pokemon. You will always be able to find something to do in the game. Of course, some players enjoy the social aspects of the experience and may be trading with other players a lot. There is a particular type of trade known as a ‘Special Trade’ and this guide article will take you through everything about what Special Trades in Pokemon GO are.

Special Trade System in Pokemon Go

Special Trades are trades that involve the exchanging of Legendary Pokemon, Ultra Beasts, Shiny Pokemon, any Pokemon you don’t have, and Pokemon with forms/costumes. Furthermore, you can only actually take part in one special trade each day so you will need to be wise with what you are planning to trade for on a certain day. Not only that, but special trades may require a larger cost in Stardust. If you are trading for a Shiny/Legendary pokemon you don’t have already, the Stardust cost will be much higher for you.

Nonetheless, Special Trades are excellent to perform when you need to as they can save you a lot of time when trying to acquire a particular type of rare Pokemon that you do not have yet. As long as you are in the max trading distance you can perform a special trade the same way you would any other trade. Go and meet up with who you want to trade with and begin the process of performing these excellent special trades for the pokemon that you need.

Pokémon GO is available right now and is playable for free on both IOS and Android.

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