What is Roster Level in Lost Ark and How to Increase It

Who do you have on your roster?

by J.T. Isenhour


Lost Ark is a Diablo Style MMO that brings a lot of features to the table. One of these features that Lost Ark has is the roster and your overall roster level. However, this system can be quite confusing to players as what the roster system does is not easily discerned. Let’s go over what the roster system is in Lost Ark and how you can level up your roster as well as what you gain by leveling up your roster.

What Does Roster Level Mean In Lost Ark

The Roster system in Lost Ark is similar to the Badass Level or Myth Ranking in the Borderlands franchise. While this means it isn’t a groundbreaking system, it is something that is not common in MMOs. The Roster System in Lost Ark is a way to reward you for your progress across multiple characters. Your Roster Level is synced across all of your characters and any bonuses it provides you will be available on all of your characters no matter what point in the story they are at but the bonus won’t be provided to the rest of your party.

As you level up your Roster in Lost Ark you will be provided with not only bonus stats across all your characters but some bonus rewards when you hit specific milestones. The rewards you will be given are wallpapers, potions, and Chests of Crystals. All of those rewards can be useful on any character but you will most likely want to claim them on the main character you use. To find your Roster and claim the rewards you will want to find the Roster icon on the bottom of your screen and click it. Then select Roster Information to be taken to your Roster Level screen and claim your rewards.

How To Level Up Your Roster In Lost Ark

Now that you know what the Roster is, you need to understand how to level it up. Luckily leveling up your Roster is not that difficult and you don’t even need to go out of your way to do so. Your Roster will level up as you progress through the game. Doing some quests will reward you with Roster XP which will slowly increase your overall Roster Level.

Of course, this does present a glaring issue. You may run out of activities and quests to do on one character. Luckily, the Roster can be leveled up on any character, allowing you to just hop onto a different character and do their quests and activities before jumping to the next character. If you need any more help with Lost Ark make sure to check out our other guides.

Lost Ark is available now, exclusively on PC.

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