What is the 6th Class in the Diablo 4?

If the 6th class rumors are true, what would you want it to be?

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Are you wondering what the 6th class is in the Diablo 4 beta? Speculation about a 6th class started in December when a picture was posted to the Diablo IV store page (shown above). This picture shows a battle scene with all the known Diablo 4 classes plus one class Blizzard hasn’t announced. So will we get a 6th class new to the Diablo franchise, or are we just reading too much into an innocent picture?

Will There Be A 6th Class in Diablo 4?

We won’t know officially until the class is either made available in the Diablo 4 Open Beta that starts soon or Blizzard gives an official announcement. However, that hasn’t stopped fellow Diablo fans like yourself from speculating, and most of these thoughts make sense. Here are some top theories we found on the internet. Honestly, we will be happy if any of them are true.

The first fan theory states that the character uses the same setup as the Templar Kormac from Diablo 3. This means we could see a new class like a Templar or a traditional Holy class like the classic Paladin from Diablo 2 or a Crusader.

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Another fan theory thinks we will get a Valkyrie class based on the gear and weapon used by the picture’s character. However, another fan pointed out that Valkyries are all female, so we wouldn’t be able to have that as a class since we can choose between male or female as our gender. Instead we could get a class similar to the classic Amazon from Diablo 2 (Javazon anyone?).

A unique theory is that we will get a Fallen Angel or a Demi-Angel class, which will use a hybrid set of angelic magic and melee combat that we have seen in the cutscenes of Diablo 3. This could make sense since angels and fallen angels play such an essential role in the Diablo universe, and that could be an exciting story line for us to experience.

- This article was updated on March 24th, 2023

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