What is the Dredge Signet Ring Used For?

If you keep this, luck will come your way.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Team17

Are you wondering what the Dredge Signet Ring is used for and if it is worth keeping? Unfortunately, there is no official description of what the Signet Ring is used for or if it is worth keeping. Players are flooding the Dredge forums and Reddit to figure out what they should do with it. Should you keep it in your inventory in hopes it does something or sell it for a decent amount of gold? Based on our playthrough experience of Dredge, here is what we believe it is used for.

Is the Signet Ring from the Castaway Worth Keeping?

We believe the Signet Ring’s only use is to sell it for 90 gold for multiple reasons. However, if you are worried about selling the ring, it isn’t that hard to obtain 90 gold by fishing so that you can keep it in your inventory just in case or until we are given an official answer by the developers, Black Salt Games.

First, we’ve kept the ring in our inventory for a long time, and it didn’t do anything itself or influence the game in any way. Second, the Signet Ring goes automatically into your trinket category for selling at the trader shop. Finally, it is odd that the Signet Ring has an effect you need to have on you, but that game has a feature that quickly sells all valuables, including trinkets. Because of this, you can’t use that feature because it would automatically sell the Signet Ring.

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Here is the location of the Castaway where you can earn the Signet Ring as a reward:

  • Coordinates: L10
  • Chapter: 5
  • Rewards: Signet Ring (Trinket)

For this Pursuit, want to head to the L10 coordinates to encounter the Castaway. This location is on your way to Devil’s Spine making it super easy to complete during Chapter 5. Approach the SOS made out of wooden logs to encounter the Castaway. You will find that off a ship during a storm and he will ask you to ferry him to Little Marrow.

- This article was updated on March 31st, 2023

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