What Level Does Netherite Spawn in Minecraft?

Planning to go on a Netherite hunt?

by Gordon Bicker


Minecraft is the ever-talked-about universe in which the developers always keep creating interesting new content for everyone to enjoy. From the latest update bringing a host of new items for the world, to even the old-time favorite activities that fans enjoy partaking in within the experience. Of course, you may also be hunting for those ever-precious resources and certain types of blocks within the game and every so often you may need some help in knowing where to go in order to get what you are looking for. This guide article will take you through the process of what level Netherite spawns at in Minecraft and of course how to actually get the Netherite.

Getting Netherite in Minecraft

In order to begin the process of Netherite within the experience, you will firstly of course have to make your way to The Nether. Fitting indeed that Netherite is found in the Nether! If you’re looking for a recap on how to reach The Nether, you will need to build a frame of obsidian vertically, usually, this is a 4×5 frame. Afterward, you can just use a Flint and Steel on top of one of the blocks to light a fire in the frame of obsidian that you have just built and it will open a portal.

When you are inside The Nether, you will be able to find Ancient Debris (Containing what you need to get the Netherite) spawning at y levels 8 to 22. However, starting at the Y 14 level to look for the Netherite will have you no doubt generally finding a lot of the block. When you do find some Ancient Debris, most will opt to blow it up and then get any Netherite scraps that will appear. You can then smelt the (4) Netherite scraps and (4) Gold Ingots to happily repurpose them into Netherite Ingots for all of your survival needs within the experience!

Minecraft is available now and playable for many platforms, these are: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and mobile devices.

- This article was updated on July 17th, 2022

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