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What Pokemon GO Team to Join

Some help for new players trying to decide which team to join.

by Kyle Hanson


It may seem odd to talk about now that Pokemon GO is over two years old, but which team you choose makes a big difference in your experience with the game. Whether you go with Red, Blue, or Yellow can mean the difference between having tons of allies or going at gyms alone. It can also change your rewards from Raids and many other things. So, to help all you new players that might be joining during the 2018 holiday event, here’s a guide on which Pokemon GO Team to join.

First off, here’s a very old guide on how to join a team. Not much about this process has changed, so if you’re confused on things just check that out and come back when you’re ready to actually make the decision. You choices are: Red – Valor, Blue – Mystic, and Yellow – Instinct. Each team is a fine choice, and you will have a good time with Pokemon GO no matter which you join. However, there are some things to keep in mind…

First off, the biggest team by far is Mystic. The Blue team took the lead in players right at the outset and hasn’t let go since. If you live in a rural environment and want to increase the odds of finding teammates nearby, you’ll probably want to go with the Blue Team. This will also make it more likely you have the most gyms in the area available to you. The only way to add a Pokemon to a gym is if it is controlled by your team, and sticking with Mystic will mean many players are out there taking over gyms for you. The downside would be if they also fill them with six Pokemon, making it close to worthless for you. But there’s no downside to having more Mystic players in Raids, ensuring you receive the max amount of rewards.

Team Valor (Red) is a nice middle ground, given this possibility. The second largest Pokemon GO team in the world, Red is a very solid choice for all players. You’ll have tons of teammates, plenty of Raid partners, and lots of gyms to control and/or fight over. Back when teams were first forming in Pokemon GO Valor was seen as the more aggressive group, but this always comes down to the players in your area. If you are looking to have lots of teammates, but not the dominant team you should take a long look at Red.

Yellow, or Team Instinct is the underdog of Pokemon GO. The smallest team by a wide margin, Instinct players usually struggle to find teammates and gyms to join. Raid rewards are also impacted, with many Yellow Team players complaining about a lack of Premier Balls and other rewards at nearly every Raid I’ve been to lately. This does have some advantage to it though, such as always having enemy gyms nearby to battle. As a Red Team player, I’ve often found myself surrounded by full red gyms that are impossible to interact with, other than spinning the Poke Stop.

And that’s all the info you need to know which Pokemon GO team to join in 2018 and beyond.

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