What to Do After Reaching Village Level 10 in LEGO Fortnite

Your adventure is just starting!

by Franklin Bellone Borges
Image: Epic Games

Very few things in LEGO Fortnite can spell out you made it like reaching village level 10, as the feat can only be achieved after pretty much exploring all biomes and building all vital tools, stations, and machinery needed to fully explore them.

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But after reaching that important in-game milestone, what else is there to do in the game?

What to Do After Reaching Village Level 10 in LEGO Fortnite

As a sandbox game. there is still much more to do in LEGO Fortnite, even after maxing out your Village level. Here are a few things you can do after doing just that.

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Continue to Polish Your Village

The main thing you can do after fully leveling up a village in LEGO Fortnite is to use all of the resources and stations you unlocked during it to add a more personalized look to it. That can be done by upgrading your structures, as well as by adding new and way more meticulous ones.

Max Out other Villages Across the Map

You can also make use of the features available in your level 10 village to steadily level up other villages across the LEGO Fortnite world and upgrade their stations. This is especially recommended to players who, like me, hate having to cross biomes on foot and have yet to build a faster way to travel the map.

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Help Other Players Get There

If you are playing with friends, helping them raise their villages to the maximum can also be extremely rewarding, as like all other sandbox games, playing LEGO Fortnite in a shared world adds a lot to the already packed experience.

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This guide was made while playing Fortnite on both PC and PlayStation 5.

- This article was updated on December 14th, 2023

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