What’s Included in the Red Dead Online Halloween Pass 2022?

Acquiring all of your spooktober rewards!

by Gordon Bicker


Red Dead Online has been allowing fans of the wild-west to live out their most authentic fantasies roaming around the beautiful landscapes on horseback for many years now. Of course, over time new additions make their way into the game through certain events and other themed content. October is always a month in the year when events across the industry see a massive increase due to the potential for Halloween events. However, the season of the dead seems to be a common theme in the experience. This is apparent from players having in-game funerals for the game. Thankfully, Red Dead Online also has some main Halloween content and this article will take you through what’s in the Red Dead Online Halloween Pass Rewards.

Everything in the Red Dead Online 2022 Halloween Pass

There are a total of fifteen ranks found within the Red Dead Online Halloween Pass. The paid-for version bought with Gold Bars has a lot more included within it with more clothing items. All of the content included in the pass is shown in the table below.

Rank Normal Tier (Free Pass) Premium Tier (20 Gold Bar Paid Pass)
1 50% off a certain select Novice or Promising Item from any of the current roles you have. Wooden Swine Mask
2 N/A Coquatrix Hat
3 Leather Slaughter Mask Dead Eye Core Filter
4 N/A Gibbet Shirt
5 RDO $100 cash Provisions Parcel, Wooden Horror Mask
6 N/A Killerby Gauntlets
7 N/A Helier Jacket
8 Ammo Parcel Bound Shears
9 N/A Hag Freak Mask
10 N/A Ammo Parcel, Ability Card Upgrade
11 Skeleton Masquerade Mask Goggle Mask
12 N/A Boucher Coat
13 N/A Golden Creature Mask
14 N/A Cartilage Gloves
15 50% off select coats that can be unlocked before rank 15 Glabella Lantern, Pump-Action Shotgun Variant

As can be observed, many will be getting a whole lot of clothes and masks this October. The Glabella Lantern is one particular item that certainly tends to make the Halloween pass worth it. Looking forward, December is another time of year when similar events to the content seen for Halloween appears. Red Dead Online’s Holiday Event with bonuses is another event to await happily.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is available now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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