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When Are Mounts Coming to New World?

Mounts are coming to New World at some point.
New World mounts cover

While New World developers have stated that mounts are coming to the game, a definite time frame has yet to be given. With the launch of New World, many have been asking when mounts will be coming to the game. In MMOs and many other open-world games, mounts are animals, creatures, or robots you can climb aboard and ride to make traveling across the map a more convenient experience.

When Are Mounts Coming to New World

When New World launched on the 28th of September, gamers were enthralled by the sprawling world of Aeternum Island. However, the absence of mounts was a conspicuous feature.

In an interview with Wccftech, New World Game Director Scot Lane spoke about why there were no mounts at New World’s launch and when you can expect to see mounts in the game. According to Lane, the world currently is not large enough to warrant mounts. However, when the live game grows large enough, Lane claimed that mounts will be added. While no exact date or time frame was given, it was at least confirmation that mounts are coming at some point.

Lane revealed that the developers did discuss ideas of having donkeys, wheelbarrows, or wagons to help carry your stuff to settlements. However, he clarified that adding any of this is currently not in the immediate plans.

How to Get Around the New World Map Quickly

While mounts may not be in the game, you can still get around Aeternum quickly. This is possible thanks to fast travel. As this nifty Attack of the Fanboy guide outlines, there are some prerequisites that need to be fulfilled before you can fast travel.

  • You can only fast travel if you’re standing in a settlement or at an Inn you’ve checked in at.
  • The destination you want to go to must have been visited previously.
  • You need to have enough Azoth to pay for fast travel

New World has presented an enchanting world for gamers to explore and conquer. It is clear that Amazon intends to support it for a long time and as the map expands, mounts will eventually be included.

New World is available on PC.

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