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When Do the New World Servers Go Live?

Find out when you can play New World in your region.
New World servers live cover

New World, an MMO by Amazon, launches on the 28th of September, and servers go live at different times in different regions of the world. After a number of delays throughout the year, gamers will finally be able to go on colonizing adventures in Aeternum Island.

When Do the New World Servers Go Live

The developers have decided on the server launch times based on feedback received during Closed and Open Beta. Their schedule is designed to make the initial land rush feel fair for all players around the world, which can be difficult when dealing with so many time zones to take into account. The servers will launch at the following times:

  • Australia – 09: 00 PM AEST
  • US West – 08: 00 AM PDT
  • US East – 08: 00 AM EDT
  • EU – 08: 00 AM CEST
  • South America – 08: 00 AM BRT

While Australia may seem like the outlier by being the only region that launches at night, the developers have explained on their official site that this was done to allow for Australian servers to better align with the larger global roll-out.

How Will New World Servers Work?

As an MMO, servers are an important part of New World. Amazon has prepared several servers across various continents. Thousands of players will be able to participate in each server. Additionally, there are reserve servers prepared that can be added should they be required.

You are not limited to servers in your region. However, the developers do warn that you may experience latency issues when connecting to distant servers.

Pre-Loading New World

While you wait for servers to go live, you can pre-load the game. After a once-off purchase, New World will be yours and no subscription will be necessary. Pre-loading will be open from 08:00 AM PT on the 27th of September. You will need a minimum of 50 GB free to install the game.

New World releases on the 28th of September 2021 on PC.

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