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When Does Doom Eternal Release on Nintendo Switch?

Raze Hell on Nintendo Switch.

by Diego Perez


Doom Eternal, the sequel to the acclaimed Doom 2016, is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia, but the game is also coming to Nintendo Switch sometime in the future. The Switch version of Doom Eternal was originally planned to launch day and date alongside the other versions, but that plan fell through once id Software realized that a bit of extra work would need to be done to get the game running on Nintendo’s console.

When Does Doom Eternal Come Out on Nintendo Switch?

Doom Eternal on Nintendo Switch will launch sometime in the near future, although there isn’t a concrete release date at the time of writing. The Nintendo Switch port of the game is not being handled in house. Instead, id Software has given a different studio, Switch porting expert Panic Button, control of the port. Panic Button has ported several major games to the Nintendo Switch in the past, including Wolfenstein II, Wolfenstein: Youngblood, and even Doom 2016. Each of Panic Button’s ports is a technical achievement, bringing incredibly demanding games to constrained hardware, and Doom Eternal will likely be the studio’s greatest challenge yet.

Because porting the game to the Nintendo Switch will take extra time and resources, Panic Button is being provided with the time they need to get it right according to id Software’s Marty Stratton, hence the delay. Stratton also said that while the Switch version will take a little while longer, it won’t be too large of a delay. There still isn’t a timeframe for the release of Doom Eternal on Nintendo Switch, but it will most likely be out before the end of the year. Stratton has also stated that things are going fine with the porting process and that there shouldn’t be too many hiccups prior to release.

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