Where to Find All 3 Hexagon Pieces in Resident Evil 4

Find the pieces and earn a reward.

by Diego Perez
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One of the earliest long puzzles you’ll encounter in Resident Evil 4 is the stone pedestal that is missing three hexagon pieces. These are scattered in various locations surrounding the lake, but there are some frustrating hurdles that you’ll need to jump through in order to collect all three. Most people will try to collect all three of them before progressing through the main story so they don’t end up missing any of them, but that’s not possible. You can still easily miss at least one of them though, so this guide will make sure you’re set.

All 3 Hexagon Piece Locations in Resident Evil 4

All three hexagon pieces can be found in the areas surrounding the lake. The first one is in an unlocked chest by the merchant’s stand in the area so it’s basically impossible to miss, but the other two are a bit harder to find. The second is in the fish farm area and you’ll find the third as you progress through the main story and work toward obtaining the church key. Keep reading for detailed locations of all three hexagon pieces.

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Hexagon Piece #1 Location

The first piece is very easy to find. It’s in an unlocked chest in front of the merchant’s shop by the lake. You probably already have this one in your possession since it’s how most people will start this quest, but if you missed it, you can head back to the merchant’s lakeside shop and open the chest.

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Once you pick up this piece, you can continue forward to reach the second hexagon piece. If you haven’t been to the fish farm yet, you have to go there anyway, so it works out wonderfully.

Hexagon Piece #2 Location

The second hexagon piece is located in the fish farm area next to the merchant’s shop by the lake. You’re required to go there to get the boat fuel, but if you missed this piece on your first visit, it’s just a short walk from the merchant’s lakeside shop.

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There are plenty of other treasures in the fish farm area, including a blue medallion request, so make sure to explore thoroughly before moving on. You won’t be able to get the next piece for a while anyway.

Hexagon Piece #3 Location

The third and final hexagon piece is on the opposite side of the lake. To get it, just continue following the main storyline. Eventually, you’ll find the Church Key with two empty stone hands on each side of it. You’ll have to visit two locations to find the key items to solve this puzzle.

The third hexagon piece is located in the northeastern corner of the lake. It’s marked as a sub-objective on your map. It’s in a small chest next to one of the Apostate Heads that you need to get the Church Key. After solving the puzzle to open the locked door, don’t forget to open the chest and grab this piece.

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Once you have all three hexagon pieces, return to the stone pedestal on the lake shore and insert them all. Now it’s time for a very frustrating puzzle.

How to Solve the Hexagon Puzzle in Resident Evil 4

To solve this puzzle, you have to rotate the pieces around until they depict a mural. The completed mural is depicted below for your reference.

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To be honest, there’s not much strategy to this puzzle. You’re supposed to use the middle slot to transfer hexagon pieces to different sides of the board, but unless you use a guide right from the beginning, you’ve likely already moved some pieces around. That’ll give you a different starting position and there’s no way to reset the pieces, so you’re on your own if that’s the case.

If you take a few minutes and just move the pieces around at random, you’ll get it eventually. Hopefully, Capcom adds a way to reset the puzzle so you can follow a guide even after you attempt the puzzle for yourself, but as it stands, the best way to solve this puzzle is to just brute force it.

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