Where to Find Elgado’s Cohoot Nest in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Find the hidden Cohoot Nest in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak!

by Marc Magrini


Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak allows players to visit entirely new locales as they face powerful and deadly monsters in Master Rank. It’s important for players to make sure they’re well-prepared before starting the expansion, as they’ll be up against greater challenges than ever before. They’ll also spend a lot of time in Elgado, the Master Rank counterpart to Kamura Village. While it might seem like it’s a bit smaller than the village, the truth is that it’s simply very dense. Players can even find Elgado’s Cohoot Nest, allowing them to continue obtaining rare items as they complete more quests.

Where to Find Elgado’s Cohoot Nest

The Cohoot Nest in Elgado is actually quite close to the rest of the outpost’s facilities. It can be found on top of the gate leading to the Command Post. To find it, fast travel to the Command Post and look up. There will be a wooden platform jutting out from the wall on the left. You can use a pair of wirebugs to reach the platform from the ground, but you might only need one if you use the nearby stairs to give yourself a boost. Once you reach the platform, simply use another bug or climb up the nearby ladder to get on top of the gate. The Cohoot Nest will be right there, waiting for you to take hold of its riches!

The first time you visit Elgado’s Cohoot Nest, you’ll obtain a Platinum Egg. This egg is one of the most valuable items in Monster Hunter, selling for a whopping 100,000 zenny. Outside of this, the nest will fill up alongside the one found at Kamura Village. Take note that both nests fill up individually, so you’ll want to check both at the end of every five quests. Like the nest in Kamura Village, you’ll know if the Cohoot Nest in Elgado is full if there are golden eggs visible within.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is available on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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